Kony 2012

I'd Buy That For A Dollar

I don’t think any marketing campaign has shown the power of social media than the Kony 2012 film posted to Youtube by the charity Invisible Children.  According to Businessweek, the video had over 112 million views in its first week and in a poll done by Pew Research Centre showed that a quarter of Americans 18 to 29 had watched it.  After reading the article, I watched the film and was completely moved.

Not only did the film go viral, but embedded within the film is the story about how social media helped build Invisible Children into the thriving charity it has become.  It is a demonstration of documentary filmmaking that could rival anything done by Michael Moore and goes one step further with a strong call to action for viewers.  The result: nearly 2 million visitors to the donation page within the first few weeks (and tons…

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